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Birkosit Dichtungskitt Sealing Compound

Birkosit Dichtungskitt Indonesia

Ready Stock : Birkosit Sealing Compound
Price/Harga : Rp.
Origin : Germany
Pack / Weight : 1 Kg.
Hotline : 081218603932

Birkosit Dichtungskitt Sealing Compound indonesia

Birkosit Sealing Compound

Birkosit Dichtungskitt Sealing Compound

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt

Birkosit Sealing Compound Product number AIS B010

BIRKOSIT Description

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt is a single-component, paste luting agent/sealing material for industrial use wherever conditions of temperature combined with pressure on smooth, plane sealing surfaces (butt joints) make extreme demands on the quality of the sealing compound.
This applies, in particular, to the sealing of metallic joints in: steam and gas turbines, compressors, generators, expanders, pumps, flange joints, etc.

birkosit sealing compound 1

BIRKOSIT Temperature resistance

BIRKOSIT Dichtungskitt withstands hot steam and air, hot and cold water, light fuel oils and lubricants, as well as crude oil and natural gas at temperatures of up to 900 °C.

BIRKOSIT Pressure resistance

The adhesion on sealing surfaces and butt joints is so high that a one hundred percent seal is guaranteed even for pressures up to 250 bar. The pressure resistance for flanges without sealing rings is guaranteed up to 450 bar, and even up to 550 bar for screw joints.

birkosit sealing compound 2

BIRKOSIT Service life

When used in accordance with instructions and with regular servicing as required for steam and gas turbines as well as for the application areas stated above, we guarantee a service life for use on machined sealing surfaces (butt joints) of 10 years.