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Dry Powder MIL-M-7866 SAE AMS-M-7866

Dry Powder SAE AMS-M-7866

Ready Stock : Dry Powder Molykote Z Moly Powder
Price/Harga : Rp.
Origin : USA
Pack / Weight : 1 Kg.
Hotline : 081218603932

molykote z powder indonesia

Dow Corning Molykote Z Powder

Dry powder lubricant designed for use in metal working and as an additive in other lubricants

molykote z powder dry ams m 7866

Molykote Z Powder


Molykote Z Moly-Powder effectively lubricates metal surfaces of most kinds in many difficult and extreme environments such as:


  • Run-in – Molykote Z Moly-Powder helps to prevent galling and seizing of newly assembled metal surfaces during the critical run-in period
  • Press Fitting and Fretting – A lubricating film of molybdenum disulfide works to reduce the pressures required to press fit, especially on negative clearances, thus reducing the chance of seizure, misalignment and distortion; this lubricant also helps control the tendency for fretting and cold welding of metal surfaces under static pressure in ball and roller bearings, bushings, splines, etc.; disassembly is usually nondestructive.
  • Heavy Loads and Slow Speeds – Molykote Z Moly-Powder is effective in lubricating metal surfaces under oundary conditions where an oil film cannot be maintained, i.e., where surface speeds are slow, loads are extremely heavy or involve vibration and shock
  • Metal Working – This lubricant helps prevent galling, welding and metal pickup on tools and dies in machining, stamping and drawing, bending, thread rolling, cold heading and swagging
  • Extreme Environments – Difficult conditions such as in dusty atmospheres, extremes of temperatures, radiation, vacuum, liquid or gaseous oxygen, where ordinary lubricants typically fail
  •  Metal Machine Parts – The excellent adherence and wear resistance of this powder helps aid in extending the life of metal cams, bearings, ways, gears and other parts.

   Reduction of Friction for Plastics, Sintered Metals and Rubber – To give low frictional properties, Molykote

  • Z Moly-Powder may be burnished on, or incorporated into, metal and plastic bearings and gears, O-rings, packings and seals where conventional oil lubrication cannot be used